Lawyers for the Rastafari Council of Ghana says it is disappointed in the Ghana Police for what it calls a denial of the Rastafarians to embark on their peaceful peace-walk as they call for the legalisation of marijuana in the country.

According to Lawyer George Tetteh Wayo, it is a shame the Ghana Police did not follow the appropriate process for halting their peace-walk.

“I had calls from my clients that the police says a motion has been tabled against them which means the peace walk which has been scheduled for today has been called off.”

The Renowned Lawyer added that the motion delivered to his clients was without date describing it as strange.

“The motion served to my people had no date on it. The registrar has indicated through writing that a date will be fixed. This is strange and I have never seen such a motion before,” he intimated.

The Ghana Police had earlier petitioned the court to stop the Rastafarians from embarking on the demonstration earlier this year since it was not in support of the legalisation of the herbs.

The Rastafari Council of Ghana made reference to countries such as Canada, Uruguay and some parts of the US that have legalised marijuana and it is being used by many amidst its negative effect when it is overused.

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