Rising Mufakose hip-hop artist popularly known as Ak Mol has released a prospective ghetto anthem called Munamato Weghetto (ghetto prayer).

In an interview with HitzAlert.com Zimbabwean correspondent recently, Ak revealed that his upcoming Chibhoi EP contains factor’s native to Zimbabwe.

“As we grew up we often heard our elders mention ndoda matohwe(African chewing gum),ndoda huku yechibhoi (African road runner chicken),he chuckled.

Furthermore, AK Mol went on to embrace his patriotic support towards up keeping African values.

“The locality and originality of Chibhoi (Zimbabwean term for a well deep rooted African) is pioneered under what I would like to call Zimusambo music. The difference between my sound and other sounds movements is the vibe in the Shona (Zimbabwe’s native language) melodies”, he said.

When asked about what his recent project means he highlighted that the message in the song encourages one not to give up even in hard times.

“Munamato Weghetto reveals the agony and aspirations of every Zimbabwean youth so this project im sure many are benefiting from the soothing Zimusambo music”,he added.

Hip-hop in Zimbabwe has been gaining momentum each day through the aid of technological advancements,every artist is plunging into the tech pool.Lately he featured on the NashPaints colour vibes sessions performing Maruva enyika ( https://audiomack.com/embed/song/ak-luve-ohad/maruva-enyika) and airplay on ZiFM and Power FM.

Here is the link to the new project by Ak Mol titled Munamato Weghetto.


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